SOLUS participates in new EC service

SOLUS has been selected to participate in the “Common Dissemination Booster”, a pilot programme of the European Commission to boost dissemination capabilities and outreach. For this initiative SOLUS has joined forces with two other projects, LUCA (Laser and Ultrasound Co-Analzer for thyroid nodules, led by POLIMI) and PAMMOTH (Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected abnormalities in the breast, led by the University of Twente).

All three projects in the cluster combine ultrasound and photonics to improve screening and diagnostics and therefore there is a significant overlap in theme, stakeholders and end-users. Work on the Common Dissemination Booster will start in late January 2018.

Posted on vrijdag 19 januari 2018