On this page we will will share our public deliverables and other public reports, as they become available and the project receives the permission from the Commission to publish them. We will always alert interested parties through our news section and social media (Twitter) as well.  

Deliverable Available
Definition of paradigms representing exemplary breast lesions cases
March 2017
Benchmark configuration and data assessing functional working of acquisition and processing hardware and software on the mockup system
Year 3
Authorization for the clinical use of the multi-modal optical/US prototype
D3.6 Year 3
Design of multi-modal phantoms for DOT-US
D4.1 June 2017
Definition of protocols for system characterization
D4.2 November 2017
Definition of procedures for routine tests
D4.3 Year 2
Performances assessment of optode components
D4.5 Year 2
Performance assessment of the single optode
D4.6 Year 3
Performance assessment of DOT with US priors
D4.7 Year 3
Final characterization of the SOLUS prototype
D4.8 Year 3
Approval of clinical protocol by ethical committee
D5.2 Year 3
Report on clinical validation
D5.3 Year 4
Visual identity and online presence
D6.2 March 2017
First release of the Data Management Plan
D8.2 June 2017
Updated Data Management Plan
D8.3 Year 2
Final Data ManagementPlan
D8.5 Year 4