Innovation in the diagnosis of breast cancer using ultrasound and diffuse optics.

The SOLUS project aims to develop a new multimodal imaging system which can classify breast cancer detected by mammography screening, in a non-invasive manner, and significantly improve the ability to differentiate between benign and malignant tumours. Invasive procedures, such as biopsies, are currently carried out in an unnecessarily high number of cases. SOLUS can help avoid such unnecessary biopsies by improving the characterisation of lesions in the breast.

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Latest news

SOLUS featured in DI Europe

SOLUS was recently featured in the breast imaging special edition of the Diagnostic Imaging Europe magazine. The full article is available for download in the press and media section.

SOLUS participates in new EC service

SOLUS joines forces with two H2020 projects to participate in the “Common Dissemination Booster”, a pilot programme of the European Commission to boost dissemination capabilities and outreach.

External Advisory Board meeting

The SOLUS external advisory board met with the project for the first time on November 20 and provided valuable feedback on the work so far and recommendations for the upcoming period.

Progress meeting in Tours, France

SOLUS partners met for the third time at the headquarters of Vermon SA in Tours, France on November 13-14 to share the latest results on the development of the SOLUS system and its subunits.

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About the project

Smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer

SOLUS is a four-year, trans-disciplinary collaborative research project. It brings together highly-experienced engineers, physicists and radiologists to develop an innovative imaging system which combines cutting-edge developments in diffuse optics, ultrasound and shear wave elastography for high-specificity diagnosis of breast cancer.

Work packages

The project is divided into eight work packages responsible for the various aspects and stages of the development and validation of the new SOLUS device.

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Results and deliverables

We're making our research findings, and some data available free-of-charge for interested readers and are providing open access to published papers and reports.

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The SOLUS Consortium

Our multidisciplinary consortium combines the expertise of nine partners from five European countries. It includes major universities and research institutes, industry partners and a clinical partner. To find out more about our consortium and its scientists, click on the country on the map below and the individual partner logos to the right.

Press, media and publications

You can find all our press publications, media, research results and public data here.

Press and media

Download all our promotional materials, such as flyers and folders, and read our press releases.

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Our research results and data

Our research is published free of any restrictions on access. View our scientific publications and our public reports. Certain data is also shared and available to all.

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SOLUS welcomes inquiries from the public. If you have any questions about our research or the SOLUS device we're developing, feel free to contact us using the form below.

Paola Taroni

Project coordinator

Paola Taroni is a professor of physics at the Department of Pyhsics of POLIMI. She is the project coordinator of SOLUS and leads the project in scientific aspects. Her research focuses mainly on the development of laser systems for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging, and their applications in biology and medicine with specific attention to the translation of novel techniques to the clinical use.

Peter Gordebeke

Project manager

Peter Gordebeke is a project manager at the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, and leads the project management of SOLUS. He has done research in RNA biology in both academic and industry settings, and has past experience in project management of clinical studies, and EU-funded research.